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11th Solo Art Exhibition: Galeri Seni Maya


The Maya Art Gallery (Galeri Seni Maya) is please to announce an art exhibition "Recent paintings: Dubai Experience" by Terengganu-base artist Suzlee Ibrahim. Suzlee is an established Malaysian abstract artist that has just returned from Dubai, UAE under the invitation and full sponsorship of EMAAR Properties, Dubai to participate in the EMAAR International Art Symposium (International Painting Workshop).

He was there together with 30 other established artists (painters) from all over the world. During his visit, Suzlee produced a series of works that were inspired from his inner feelings of being there, together with the sights and sounds of Dubai. These works will be the main feature of his solo exhibition.

As the artist himself said, "I visualized Dubai's green landscape with modern architecture and its emerging skyscrapers. In my works the blacks stand for the strong foundation of the city, the reds for its hot weather and the other colours are the blocks of growth of this beautiful city. Dubai is at its peak of high-energy spirits. Dubai Experience; is all about movement and space created within its volume."

As if taking insparation for growth of Dubai, this new series of works sees that abstract expressionist painter move on from the well-known style of his Movement Series. You see less of the paint dripping style with the intense layering of fine brush strokes and more use of the roller that comes out as big and bold strokes on the canvas. Where there used to be a multitude of vivid colours on each paintings, the artist seems to have keep his colour pallete to only red, black and white, with an occasional stroke of blue and yellow. However, one thing will always remain Suzlee’s paintings and that is his energy and emotions are always laid bare on his canvases.

Suzlee has been a Premiere Portfolio Artist at